PDO Treatments

Improving the way you look

Lift and tighten sagging skin

Lift & Tighten

PDO therapy is an effective cosmetic technique that lifts and tightens sagging skin tissues by inducing collagen production. It involves the implantation of fine, dissolvable polydioxanone threads into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. This procedure can lift your eye & temple area, jowls & neck, midface, and lips.

Quick Facts

Session: 60 minutes from start to finish.
Results: Immediate results. Results last up to 18 months
Follow-up Treatment: Recommended once a month.

The Process

1. Prep and cleanse skin
2. Mark areas of treatment
3. Apply topical anesthetic
4. Insert PDO threads
5.Hand manipulation to smooth tissue, if necessary
6.Wipe away markings and apply antibiotic ointment

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